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Traditionally associated with fine French cuisine, the humble shallot is quickly becoming the must-have 'foodie' ingredient in Australian homes. Also known as an eschalot and frequently confused with the brown pickling onion and long green spring onion, this versatile vegetable is no longer the secret ingredient of the professional chef's kitchen.

Situated at a similar latitude to that of Southern France, Premium Fresh Tasmania has found that conditions in the island state are also ideal for producing high quality shallots. With an alternate season to the northern hemisphere, Premium Fresh Tasmania is able to fill the gap between European shallot supply as well as maintain a supply for the domestic market year-round.

Often roasted or caramelized and used to accompany all types of meat and fish dishes, shallots are ideal to use in soups, dressings, stocks and sauces rather than onions due to their milder, more delicate flavour.



  • Tight fitting, coppery-brown to pink outer skins
  • Firm, crisp white inner flesh with a pink tinge
  • Round to slightly elongated in shape, often comprised of 2 � 3 segments
  • Delicate and sweet flavour
  • High level solids resulting in long storage and shelf-life capabilities
  • 'Topped' with stem trimmed to less than 50mm in length
  • Roots trimmed to less than 10mm in length

Seasonal Availability:



Size and Quality Specifications:

Shallots are graded to Premium and No 2 quality specifications

Small 20mm - 35mm
Medium 35mm - 50mm
Large 50mm - 65mm

* Other size ranges available on request

Shallots are graded to Premium and No 2 quality specifications




  • 250g pre pack bag
  • 1kg pre pack bag
  • 5kg carton
  • 10kg net bag

* Other packaging options available on request


Pricing is based on current global and Australian domestic market prices at the time of application. Contract prices may be negotiated for long term supply arrangements.


Delivery via refrigerated road or ocean transport, direct to customer, as required.