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Echalions, or Easy Shallots were first grown by Premium Fresh Tasmania in 2010 specifically for international markets. With similar mild and sweet flavour attributes to the shallot, the echalion or banana shallot is extremely popular in European kitchens because of its larger size and ease in preparation.

Due to be launched on the Australian domestic market in 2011, the echalion is set to become a favourite with 'foodies' and restaurateurs as a replacement to standard brown onions.



  • Well formed, single bulb with elongated shape
  • Well cured golden-brown to golden-red outer skin
  • Two to three layers of intact, papery outer skin
  • Firm, crisp inner white flesh with a pink tinge
  • Delicate and sweet flavour
  • 'Topped' with stem trimmed to less than 50mm in length
  • Roots trimmed to less than 10mm in length

Seasonal Availability:



Size and Quality Specifications:

Shallots are graded to Premium and No 2 quality specifications

Small 30mm - 40mm
Medium 40mm - 50mm
Large 50mm+

* Other size ranges available on request

Echalions are graded to Premium and No 2 quality specifications




  • 250g pre pack bag
  • 1kg pre pack bag
  • 5kg carton
  • 10kg net bag

* Other packaging options available on request


Pricing is based on current global and Australian domestic market prices at the time of application. Contract prices may be negotiated for long term supply arrangements.


Delivery via refrigerated road or ocean transport, direct to customer, as required.