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"So naturally fresh!"


Premium Fresh Tasmania is regarded as one of the premier growers of quality carrots in Australia. This reputation has been developed by our ability to grow the high-colour Mojo carrot variety. Regarded in the industry as the 'glamour' carrot, this variety thrives in the rich volcanic soils of North West Tasmania. It is bright orange to red in colour with a distinctive 'shine' to the outer surface. Fresh mojo carrots are characteristically a darker colour in the centre.



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Seasonal Availability:


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Size and Quality Specifications:

Premium Fresh Tasmania carrots are generally sized into 4 categories:

Diameter Length
Small 28mm - 36mm 120mm - 180mm
Medium 36mm - 44mm 150mm - 200mm
Medium Large (L) 44mm - 47mm 180mm - 220mm
Large (LL) 47mm+ 220mm+

* Other size ranges available on request

Each size can be packed according to 5 separate quality specifications - Premium, A Grade, Class 1, No 2 and Processing.




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* Other packaging options available on request


Pricing is based on current global and Australian domestic market prices at the time of application. Contract prices may be negotiated for long term supply arrangements.


Delivery via refrigerated road or ocean transport, direct to customer, as required.